Wednesday, August 19, 2009

best foot forward

This is my first entry and really wanted it to be the best, so I like to step in my best food forward. But I think not, and rather than doing that is tell you what reality is. I am a blue hearted man, what you called when someone is born with a Congenital Heart Disease or a blue baby. And I'm telling you right now that I'm not normal, I don't even know what normal feels, because I already have this since I can remember.

People talks about it and asks me what I feel, and always say to them well I don't know what you mean cause from my point of view I am feeling okay. But if you ask me if I feel normal I will tell you I don't know cause I have never felt that what is normal and I cannot compare cause for me this is normal.

And recently I went to get a 2D Echo Doppler Test and they said that my case is abnormal cause I should not be living after 15 years old without getting any operation and that also the things that cases like this should be taken seriously cause I should have getting some clabbing or whatsoever their term means. But that is a second opinion the 1st one I got told me that cases like this will not reach even 40 years old so I should take an open heart surgery soon if I want to stay alive.

Now tell me what should I do next?

But all of these I think to myself was really very possible to happen cause I have known someone who gave me the strength and courage to pursue living my life to the fullest even with this kind of ailment. I heard Him when I was 15 (hehehe) funny I said is it coincidence or just what just my destiny brings. And then I finally knew Him when I turned 22. And every thing that I should be feeling from my ailment not even bothered me, cause who I've known was the one who gave me this life, who is the also the Great Healer. And that is my God, the God of Israel the one who brought me to here all about him, His messenger to this world, Bro. Eli Soriano.

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